e Liquid

by John W. Mann

e liquid can save you moneye Liquid is the fluid (liquid) that is used to fill cartridges for use with electronic cigarettes. You can choose the flavor of your liquid as well as the Nicotine level.

The e Liquid is stored in liquid form in the cartridge, ready to be vaporized by the atomizer that is often contained in the cartridge.

The liquid may or may not contain Nicotine, depending on what you order. It’s available in 4 or 5 levels of Nicotine (including no Nicotine) from all the different brands we’ve reviewed.

That’s a large bottle of liquid to the left from our favorite brand of e-liquid, VaporFi. You can click it to go to the VaporFi website if you like.

Want to get right to it?  Take my advice and visit the VaporFi website for the best e-cig on the market as well as the best e-liquid.


e Liquid – Our Top Three Brands

Each eliquid in our Top Three is 100% Made in the USA.

This is extremely important because liquid that is manufactured in the USA are subject to FDA regulations.  Therefore you are assured that there are no impurities in the liquid and that there are health standards covering you.

Quite possibly, a liquid manufactured  off shore may not be subjected to these regulations so you really don’t know what they contain.

Click the links under Brand Name to read our full e liquid review.

Brand Name Products Flavors Taste Nicotine
VaporFi e-liquid e-cigs 1,000+ custom blends 10/10 6 10/10 10/10 Visit Website
South Beach e-Cigs e-liquid e-cigs 1,000+ custom blends 9/10 4 9.5/10 9/10 Visit Website
Apollo e-Cigs e-liquid e-cigs 100+ 9/10 5 8/10 8.5/10 Visit


e-Cigarettes Have Three Parts

First is part “A” in the diagram below that looks like the tobacco end of a “real” cigarette is the battery.

The battery supplies electrical current to the second part “B”, the atomizer, which turns the e Liquid into the vapor that the e-cig smoker inhales.  In the diagram below, the smoker is on the left hand side of the diagram so inhaling goes right to left.

The third part, of the electronic cigarette, part “C”, is the cartridge that we mentioned previously which stores the e-Liquid ready to be vaporized and inhaled. See the image below:

e-liquid (eliquid) is stored in the cartridge


So What Does This liquid Consist Of?

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about e Liquid:

“E-liquid, e-juice or simply “juice”, refers to a liquid solution that produces an aerosol when heated by an atomizer. The main ingredients of e-liquids are usually a mix of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and/or polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG400) mixed with concentrated flavors; and optionally, a variable concentration of Nicotine. There is variability in the purity, kinds and concentrations of chemicals used in liquids, and significant variability between labeled content and concentration and actual content and concentration.”

So what are these chemicals you ask?  All three are approved for use in the food industry which means to me that they are safe for consumption.

Propylene glycol enjoys a very good reputation as being safe to use within a number of consumer products and merchandise, including edibles goods, animal feed, cosmetic products then pharmaceuticals, plus manufacturing applications.

Pop Tarts, the product shown to the left contains PG and they’re obviously a safe product for consumption.

The one important thing to remember when buying any brand e liquid is to make sure it is made in the USA.

A liquid from other countries may or may not be subject to the same rigorous scrutiny as products made in the USA,


Vegetable glycerin is another product used in the Food Industry.  Here’s what Wikipedia has to say in part about it:

“In food and beverages, glycerol serves as a humectant, solvent, and sweetener, and may help preserve foods. It is also used as filler in commercially prepared low-fat foods (e.g., cookies), and as a thickening agent in liqueurs. Glycerol and water are used to preserve certain types of leaves.”

In closing, if you want the advice of a fellow that really smokes an electronic cigarette, the brand I highly recommend for e liquid and electronic cigarettes is VaporFi. Every e liquid I have tried from them has been great and 100% made in the USA and their electronic cigarettes are awesome.


If you like “real tobacco” flavor in your smoke, the visit my Tobacco e Liquid review page.